Praise from another court-media expert

One of the greatest compliments an author can get is for someone to say they enjoyed her or his book so much they kept reading parts out loud to a companion. That’s what a former colleague said happened when he read Anatomy of a Trial. He didn’t indicate if  his wife, who was reading her own book when he shared tidbits from Anatomy, appreciated the interruptions or was intrigued enough to want to read Anatomy for herself.

My colleague, who has a good deal of court-media experience himself and has written extensively and thoughtfully on the subject himself, praised the writing and sourcing of Anatomy and the more complete picture it presents of Simpson trial judge, Lance Ito. 

“I’m also hit by how much things have changed in the last 13 plus years,” he said. “Technology, the declining role of traditional media, the role of courts, increased public and political criticism of judges, etc.”

Indeed. As I pointed out in Anatomy, not only has technology advanced by leaps and bounds since 1995, it can make it easier for both the news media and the courts to fulfill their responsibility to serve the public.

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