From News to Talk

Someone I didn’t expect to hear from is a man I met last August at a conference in Denver. Remembering that I had said Anatomy would be out in a few months, Denver’s recently retired KUSA Channel 9News anchor Ed Sardella pre-ordered it. After reading it, he sent an email saying he found it “fascinating reading” and that I had done a good job of  providing an insider’s view of various aspects. 

“Since the OJ trial prodded me toward the beginning of the end of my anchoring career, I was in agreement with the great majority of your observations,” he wrote.

“I’m sure the book has already motivated some high level discussion, debate and soul-searching about the various court/media issues and I’m confident it will continue to do so — and lead to enlightenment on all sides.”


He ended by wishing me and the book well. Since retiring  from  KUSA, Ed has started a new career, hosting Denver Community Cable TV show “Let’s Talk”.  So I wish Ed well with that new gig.
(retired), Denver, Colorado

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