A Question of Race

As advertized yesterday, I’m posting the question Mr. Peter Gordon of East Lothian, Scotland, posed for my “free autographed Anatomy of a Trial” contest. So, here it is:

Vincent “Vince” Bugliosi once stated that “race was falsely injected into this trial”, by Johnny Cochran, one member of OJ Simpson’s defence team. Would you agree with this statement?

As it turns out, Mr. Gordon’s question has been selected as the winning question for the week of Feb. 2, and an autographed book will be in the mail to him early next week.

Rather than post my answer (even though answering submitted questions wasn’t articulated as part of the contest, I think it only right to do so) right away, however, I’d be interested in other opinions on the issue Mr. Gordon raises. So please post a comment with how you would answer Mr. Gordon’s question and I’ll post my answer in a few days.

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  1. Thanks.

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