Say What?

Book reviews are coming out now. For the most part, they’ve been favorable.

A couple said the book is a bit heavy on the anecdotes and details of misdeeds. Certainly a matter of opinion, although as my husband observed, without showing the extent of  the problems and outrages, it’s impossible to know how to develop remedies, that setting the stage takes longer than giving the speech.

One review, however, left me scratching my head. Wondering, actually, if the reviewer had even read the book.

Philip Blue with the New York State Supreme Court Criminal Branch Law Library in a review he wrote for the Library Journal said I criticized the trial judge, Lance Ito, for being too deferential to the defense attorneys, behaving unprofessionally and being a celebrity aspirant. Blue, in fact, by ascribing to me what I pointed out that others were doing, perpetuated and reinforced the very misconceptions and misunderstandings that I was exposing and correcting.

A few more reviews to go. It’ll be interesting to see how they play out.

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