Iranians just like us

Opened the Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel “Crossroadssection today to see a piece I had submitted to the opinion editor on Wednesday. Given the events of Friday and Saturday in Iran, I was thinking that perhaps my column had lost some of its timeliness, so was glad the JS editors decided to run it. Even though the demonstrations had met violence in the past couple of days, to me the underlying premise that the majority of Iranians are decent people who, like most people everywhere, want only the best for their families and their country remains true. Here’s the link to the “Crossroads” piece:


 Different time, different Iran

By Jerrianne Hayslett

Posted: Jun. 20, 2009

You might expect it to be déjà vu. But about the only similarities between the demonstrations and protests that marked the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and those of today is the location. Tehran, Iran.

(Link to “Tehran Diary” is

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