Trial of the Century Counts

Ho, boy! Let the “Trial of the Century” begin.


Although the Christian Science Monitor has dubbed the BP civil trial, which is in its second week, the “Trial of the Century,” (Trial of the Century: US to Prosecute BP that horse left the barn nearly two years ago.

 The name of that horse was the “People of the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony.”

How the Casey Anthony Murder Case Became the Social-Media Trial of the Century,8599,2077969,00.html#ixzz2MbqrkjT8

At least one writer concedes that the 20th Century had many trials of that century — Fatty Arbuckle, Leob and Leopold, Scopes, Lindburgh baby, Manson, O.J. Simpson.  Casey Anthony Trial the Latest ‘Trial of the Century’?

So maybe we need to start putting qualifiers on these trials. So, as the Time headline says, the Anthony trial could be the “Social-Media Trial of the Century” and the BP trial could be the “Civil Trial of the Century”.

Or as the Yahoo! article writers says, “the Casey Anthony murder trial may not be THE ‘Trial of Century,’ but it could possibly be the first.”

Or, so we don’t run out of qualifiers, we can just number them. So Anthony would be “Trial of the Century I” and BP would be “Trial of the Century II”.

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