Myanmar Has Media Laws?

Censorship and other laws restricting the media in some of the countries I’ve worked in were bad enough, but Burma (or Myanmar, depending on your politics) seems to have hit on a new extreme:

Up to six months in jail if they don’t have valid accreditation.

That is what AFP reported in its story headlined Proposed Burma media law draws criticism

The story says, in part, “The proposed legislation, which also laid out strict penalties of up to six months in jail for those operating without valid accreditation, came as a shock for the country’s interim press council, which is drafting a separate media law.”

All I could think when I read that is how crowded the Los Angeles jail would have been had people trying to nab media seats in high profile trials during the years I served as the court’s media liaison and information officer. One who tried that in the 1997 O.J. Simpson civil trial, presented a Writers Union membership card for the year 1990.

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