Accuracy Need Not Apply


“O.J. Simpson Movie Is Currently In The Works”

Am I obsessing over this?

Just galls me to read about this on so many sites. A supposed representation of an actual event that “will take viewers behind the scenes of ‘The Trial of the Century,’ driven by the nonstop plot of a courtroom thriller and presenting the story of the trial as it has never been told.”

First, a courtroom thriller? It was a nearly 10-month trial from opening statements to verdict — more than a year, counting jury selection, which is officially part of the trial.

Second, there were far more eye-glazing hours during those endless months than “thrilling” moments. The Simpson trial was more accurately a courtroom obsession.

Third, as a prelude to just how inaccurate or factually manipulated this exploitation will be, is the statement in this story that Toobin’s book was published in 1997, “roughly one year after the not guilty verdict was handed down.”  The Simpson verdict was announced in 1995 — Oct. 3 — to be exact. How is that “roughly one year before 1997?”

If these movie makers really wanted an accurate “behind-the-scenes” view of that trial, they would base their series on my book, “Anatomy of a Trial.”

I was not only in the courtroom and literally behind the scenes, including the trial judge’s chambers, daily, my book is based on the daily journal I kept and court and other official documents.  And “Anatomy” is written in an engaging, narrative style. Plus, I contacted everyone mentioned in the book to verify the accuracy of their quotes.

But then, maybe it’s too accurate for movie makers.


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