An Asinine Camera Ruling

Why, for crying out loud?

No cameras allowed in the courtroom for Michael Jackson civil trial

This seems like a particularly asinine  ruling.

What is this judge afraid of? Nobody’s life or liberty is at stake. No national security risks. Not even a very real danger of the so-called media circus.

This is a humdrum civil lawsuit filed by a bunch of rich-by-proxy people who are trading on the name of their deceased celebrity relative.

It’s rulings like this that perpetuates the judiciary’s remote, controlling, ivory-towered reputation.

2 responses to “An Asinine Camera Ruling

  1. Also, given the elimination of court reporters due to budget cuts, there will be no verbatim record of the trial unless the parties themselves provide and pay for a certified shorthand reporter. IMHO the court reporters are the single most effective tool in ensuring the integrity of our justice system. No offense meant to the press….with “press” becoming an archaic term given the state of newspapers in this country.

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