2-1/2 Branches of Government

I’ve come to realize that the Founders of this country were just kidding.

The joke is in the provision for three equal branches of government.

The light began to dawn several years ago when I worked for the Los Angeles court system and the state legislature determined the court’s budget and level of funding. And he who controls the purse strings is in control.

Conclusive proof is in a bill being floated around the Wisconsin Legislature  that would  neuter the courts as reported by the Milwaukee newspaper http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/miffed-by-court-decisions-against-them-gop-lawmakers-want-to-limit-impact-of-rulings-439ghsq-202338051.html and The Associated Press http://wislawjournal.com/2013/04/10/gop-bill-would-nullify-judges-injunctions/ and posted on the Huffington Post.

Wisconsin Republicans Seek To Cripple Courts That Have Blocked Their Controversial Laws


The Republican-controlled Wisconsin government passed a number of laws, including one that defanged, with potential of killing off, public employee unions and another that made significant changes in the state’s voting requirements. The courts said not so fast on both laws.

So we’ll see if (1) the bill passes, which it no doubt will, (2) if the governor signs it, which he no doubt will and (3) if the courts try to strike it down, which it might no longer have the power to do with any bill the legislature and governor pass into law.


5 responses to “2-1/2 Branches of Government

  1. Jerrianne, you are so right. I’ve been doing stories on the massive cuts in court buidgets in California. The concept of co-equal branches of government seems to be vanishing.

  2. Deutsch, Linda

    I’m not sure if my comment went through on your blog. This is such an important topic.

  3. It did go through, Linda. This move by the WI Legislature seems blatantly unconstitutional. Other legislative action that I know of affects funding. This bill would actually limit the function of the court. How can that be “equal”?

  4. This is the Bill that the “Tea Party” ( and everyone else ) should be protesting against.

  5. I agree, James. This is an example of big government at its worst.

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