Oh, What a Relief it is

Although I am a strong advocate for cameras in trial-court courtrooms, this report gladdened my heart.

Kim Gets Her Wish! Judge Rules No Cameras Allowed In Kardashian Divorce Trial Courtroom

Posted on Apr 15, 2013 @ 8:41AM | By 

Kim Kardashian got her wish.

[Los Angeles Superior Court] Judge Scott Gordon has denied a motion to allow cameras in the courtroom for Kim and Kris Humphries divorce trial, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.”

This does mean a greater reliance on and responsibility of  whatever news media report on the trial, particularly regarding the serious aspects such as whether or not celebrity Kardashian did, indeed, defraud pro basketball star Humphries.

Sounds like a divorce made for TV, though. Maybe somebody will produce it as a reality TV show.

2 responses to “Oh, What a Relief it is

  1. Seriously, we should all be singing the praises of our court reporters. No, not the newspaper reporters who cover the courts, but the certified shorthand reporters who make and keep the verbatim record. Where there is no tv coverage the public can view the hearing transcript for themselves, and here we ask the news media to do this for us.

  2. Do they still do that in California courts, Lance? Or have the live bodies (certified court reporters) been replaced with electronic recording?

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