History Relived or Rewritten?

Even though I was in the courtroom every day of the Simpson trial, I think I might find this interesting.

O.J. Simpson Road Show class presentation explained by Detroit area teacher; ex-NFL star to answer questions



2 responses to “History Relived or Rewritten?

  1. Jerrianne,
    Thanks for forwarding this. I never heard of this guy Pardo, did you?

  2. No, Linda, I haven’t. This smacks of just one more person trying to cash in on the Simpson fame. What disturbs me about this is that a high school teacher is having (had) it presented to his students as “a look at Simpson’s murder trial and present a fair and balanced look at details the media didn’t report to the public.” This, by someone who never darkened the doorway of the criminal trial courtroom? Where did he get his info? From Simpson’s lips to his ear?

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