The Chief is Right

It is refreshing to see someone in a leadership position speak out publicly for something that is so effective, worthwhile and low cost, particularly considering the alternatives, most of which result in widespread, long term  and devastating consequences.

But that’s what Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson did in penning an op ed piece  that was published in today’s Milwaukee newspaper.

“The efficacy of drug courts”

The court system in Los Angeles where I worked for more than a decade has seen great results from its drug courts, including a Teen Drug Court, since the mid-1990s. Studies of drug courts in the years since have reported repeat offending of drug court participants by as much as 40 percent lower than defendants who go through traditional criminal courts, with cost savings in the thousands per participant.

“Do Drug Courts Work? Findings From Drug Court Research”

If states are serious about wanting to cut spending on courts and incarcerations, drug courts is one way to do it.

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