How Much Rises to the Level of ‘Wasted’?

Hmmm. Here’s an interesting assertion:

Money is wasted on lawyer games

This is from a Las Vegas Sun letter writer. Here’s his thesis:

“The current court hearings regarding O.J. Simpson clearly demonstrate one of the major problems with our judicial system. An enormous amount of taxpayer money is being wasted not on determining whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, something that has already been determined, but on arguments about how the lawyers played their games.”

This raises a number of questions for me:

  • Would this assertion be made if the defendant were not someone with a famous — or infamous — name?
  • Just how much taxpayer money does the letter writer, Wallace Henkelman, who is making this assertion think would be an acceptable amount to spend without being considered “wasted”?
  • How much taxpayer money does Mr. (or it might be Ms.) Henkelman think should be spent on him/her to achieve justice, if they believe they didn’t get a fair trial?

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