Dream on, Dick

Wouldn’t this be a boon!

Television Cameras in the Supreme Court?  http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/television-cameras-in-the-supreme-court-20130618

“Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wrote a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts calling on the Court to allow for live audio in the chamber. Additionally, he called on the Court to allow for live video of public proceedings.”

Just stick a stationary C-Span-type camera — a thumb-drive size would work — high on the courtroom wall opposite the justices. No one would notice it, much less grandstand or pander to it, as the Supremes fret will happen and which they claim is the C-Span effect in Congress.

I can’t tell you how lame that fear is.

For starters, the all-powerful Justices have that little confidence in their ability to control the parties and proceedings?

Second, the camera would focus on the Justices’ faces and on the backs of those they worry will grandstand.

And that, gentle people, leads us to the robed-ones’ actual concern. The camera would focus on their faces, and beam their images across the country, meaning that they would become recognizable to the millions of Americans whom they ostensibly serve and who pay their salaries and fund their benefits.

That means the skirts of anonymity that protects them would fall away as they move about in their personal lives — however much they might be in a privileged bubble.


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