“Anatomy” Reviews

Here are a few reviews of Anatomy of a Trial that have been posted on http://www.amazon.com:

“Wow, what a surprise. …

“Rather than being a postmortem of the trial, it’s a behind-the-scenes examination of everybody’s behavior and the effect everyone had on each other through the spectrum of media coverage. …

“The book reads like a novel full of interesting, eclectic and eccentric characters. It goes beyond just media coverage of the trial and back-scenes antics, though.

“… this is a book I literally could not put down. It also provided much more of a feeling of “closure” than other books on the subject, which I think a lot of people felt like they needed … ” –By C

“As a former journalist, it was fascinating to read all the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the news media covering such an important trial. The book reads like a novel, which makes “Anatomy of a Trial” not only a very informative but a fun read. This book would make great supplemental reading in law, journalism, and other media college courses.” — By children’s writer Janet Halfmann, author of Home in the Cave and more than 30 other books for children.

“The O. J. Simpson case is a touchstone in comtemporary culture. Never before did media turn justice into a circus in quite the same way. In “Anatomy of a Trial”, Jerrianne Hayslett gives us an insider’s view of the action, chock-a-block full of details on the proceedings and the personalities involved. The trial of a celebrity turned into entertainment for many, but Hayslett never forgets that this was a case of murder. Two human beings lost their lives in the brutal killings. Compelling reading, “Anatomy of a Trial” is a fascinating book from beginning to end.”  — By Kate Fellowes, author of Thunder in the Night and other mystery, romance and cozies novels and short stories.

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