“Anatomy” Gets an Interview

Great interview about Anatomy of a Trial and the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial this morning with Prof. Teresa Keller, Chair of Emory & Henry College Dept. of Mass Communications and General Manager of public radio station WEHC-FM 90.7 in southwest Virginia. (The signal might also reach into northeast Tennessee and northwest North Carolina.)

Keller covered a lot of territory for her half-hour program, “This Conversation.” The atmosphere during the run-up to and early stages of the trial, some “gossipy”  anecdotes recounted in the book, where the circus aspects portrayed by the news media on air and in print actually occurred, cameras in the courtroom and the biggest mistakes trial judge, Lance Ito, made.

The interview was taped for later broadcast. I’ll post that info along with how the live-streamed and archived program can be accessed when I know it.


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