Darden’s Opinion, Relevant or Not

Regardless of his performance in the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial, some might find former Los Angeles County prosecutor Christopher Darden’s views about the Zimmerman case interesting. CNN’s Piers Morgan apparently did. Darden’s opinion pretty much boils down to, the case is race based and Zimmerman has the upper hand.

Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden on the Zimmerman trial: “It’s a race case without question”


What interests me more than Darden’s opinion is that someone whose 15 minutes of fame was such an embarrassment remains relevant coming up on 20 years later. What accounts for that? A good publicist?

2 responses to “Darden’s Opinion, Relevant or Not

  1. Possibly, human memory. How many people, even those who followed the trial, remember Christopher Darden? How many people who do remember him, care that he was a foolish oaf? His name is in the history book, and that, unfortunately may be all that matters anymore. However, that being said, the question is still begged: who cares what Christopher Darden says … about anything?

    • Few people outside of the news media have any idea who he is, and as time continues to march on, even fewer will know. When I spoke to groups — particularly groups of college-age people — in the early 2000s, I would have to remember that they were children during the Simpson-trial days. When the e-format version of my book Anatomy of a Trial was officially announced on June 17, the 19th anniversary of Simpson’s slow-speed Bronco chase on Los Angeles freeways, it occurred to me that some people in college-age groups wouldn’t even have been born yet.

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