Writer Is Three Years Wrong

You’d think if someone is going to plug a book they would get a basic fact right about what shot the author to fame — or in this case, the failure that launched the author’s fame.
“Marcia Clark first became nationally known in 1991 as the lead prosecutor in O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. She has followed that up with a career as a legal commentator on various broadcast and cable channels (weighing in recently on the George Zimmerman case) — and as a novelist.”
1991 was three years before Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were murdered, Simpson was charged with their murders and his trial on charges of murder began. The trial prosecuted and lost by Marcia Clark. 1994 is year all of that occurred, with the not-guilty verdicts announced in October of the following year, 1995.
And if the writer, Tampa Bay Times Book Editor Colette Bancroft doesn’t remember or was too young back then, it is an easily check-able fact.


6 responses to “Writer Is Three Years Wrong

  1. Jerrianne,
    This is truly astonishing. Doesn’t anyone proofread anymore?
    BTW, posting a comment on your site is very daunting. I gave up.

  2. How unbelievably incompetent and crass! It’s small wonder that the ‘Simpson Saga’ continues to arouse such passionate debate when the basic facts of reporting remain unchecked!

    • I read so many items that are just flat wrong. I try to comment to set the record straight — much is in my book “Anatomy of a Trial” — but incorrect info prevails. Thanks for your comment, Tee.

  3. Don’t know what the problem is, Linda. You comment is here. Thanks for hanging in there with it.

  4. Thank you, Tee. You made my day!!!

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