Court or Jester, But Not Both

Some people who find themselves in court might think the judge considers him- or herself a comedian, but those folks probably aren’t exactly objective.

But judges who are deliberately trying to be entertainers? While not unheard of — I know of a judge in Tennessee who did gigs as a pretty credible Elvis impersonator and a judge in California who played in a rock band — it is pretty rare.

But the night job as a stand-up comic of part-time New Jersey municipal judge Vincent Sicari, aka Vince August, was too much for the New Jersey Supreme Court. Last Thursday, New Jersey’s high court unanimously ruled that Vinnie “Chuckles” Sicari/August had to choose one job or the other because his “two careers are ‘incompatible’.”

The five-year-veteran part-time jurist, whose act has warmed up “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” audiences, appears rather regularly at Carolines comedy club on Broadway, which makes up the approximate 250 comedy performances a year,  apparently takes his comedic talents more seriously than his judicial path. According to AOL News, which reported this story, Sicali resigned from his $13,000-a-year position as a judge.

No worries about giving up any benefits that job might have provided, though. The now-former judge’s membership in the Screen Actors Guild includes healthcare coverage. And that is no laughing matter



Judge Can’t Moonlight As A Comedian, Court Says

2 responses to “Court or Jester, But Not Both

  1. This is priceless. Only question is: what judge works for $13,000 a year? Is that a typo?…Wouldn’t you love to hear his act?

    • A part-time judge, I guess, Linda. The $13,000 figure wasn’t a typo on my part. That’s what the story said. From that story, it looks like your best bet for seeing his comedy act is to go to New York, although this story might be a big boost to his stand-up career.

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