A Rousing Review

A New York County Lawyers’ Association review of my book Anatomy of a Trial, pretty much blew me away.

The reviewer, Laura Hogan, is a NYCLA Appellate Courts and Law and Literature Committee Member and the Principal Law Clerk to an Associate Justice of the Appellate Division, First Department.

The review covers a lot of territory, but the last paragraph is about the highest compliment an author could hope for:

“Hayslett’s narrative voice is strong, assuring that readers’ attention doesn’t flag throughout. Although she isn’t afraid to be opinionated about the events surrounding the trial and about the players that assured it would become a notable event in the history of the United States justice system, Hayslett’s book nonetheless presents an evenhanded view not only of the Simpson trial, but of the policy arguments both for and against cameras in the courtroom.”

Thank you Ms. Hogan and the NYCLA.

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