The Great Cookie Heist

Oh, how low the mighty doth fall.

Who would have ever guessed that the once-great Heisman trophy holder and pro football star would have his life crumble like a dozen cookies. Oatmeal cookies,at that.

That’s the number and flavor of the sweet treats the Nevada state prisoner who’s serving a 33-year-sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping and who nearly two decades ago stood trial for double murder, although he was acquitted on not-guilty verdicts of both counts. And now he’s nabbed for stealing some cookies?

Perhaps almost, if not more, amazing than this once-millionaire who lived in a multi-million dollar house stooped to stealing cookies is that doing so has dominated so many headlines.

I’ve seen more than a dozen stories in just the past few hours, like one in the Sports World News that reported the incident and that he just got off with a warning.

Or else what? He won’t be allowed in the prison cafeteria again?



2 responses to “The Great Cookie Heist

  1. This I must hear more about. Thanks for bringing me a smile. Football hero turned Cookie Monster.

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