Oct. 3, a Day in History

Eighteen years ago today…  I remember it well, as do many Americans.

Most remember watching Judge Lance Ito’s judicial assistant, Deirdre Robertson, read the verdict that made O.J. Simpson a free man — for several years, anyway. I watched from my seat in the courtroom.

I talked about that day in history … and the still-reverberating effects of the trial and Simpson’s acquittal are having in many aspects of American society … this morning with WPR host Joy Cardin. (I’ll post the link to the archived interview when it’s posted on her website.)

Others are remembering, too. And I’m thinking about those of you who follow this blog who I know were there on that day and have the most vivid memories.

Here are a few news stories I ran across today:

October 3: A busy day in history

A really big story for October 3

Way Back When: Today In History

Years Ago

From Australia:

Throwback Thursday: October 3

And Scotland:

On this day: Tea rationing ended | OJ Simpson

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