Can We, Should We, Suspend Disbelief?

Which one is more — or less — believable, Simpson or the National Enquirer? Neither?

In this “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: O.J. SIMPSON BRAIN CANCER BOMBSHELL” Simpson supposedly is “begging President Obama for a pardon so he can die in peace at home.”

Never mind that:

1.  He’s reportedly just being tested. Nothing necessarily has been found or confirmed. At least nothing reported in this or any other story I’ve seen.

2.  His “home” went into foreclosure and was auctioned off last year, so supposedly the house is occupied by new owners who probably wouldn’t be wild to have Simpson show up so he could die there.

3.  He “confessed” to a fellow inmate — granted, in fit of pique at that inmate — that he not only murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, but would do so again.

Will I feel bad for being doubtful if it turns out that Simpson does have brain cancer?

One response to “Can We, Should We, Suspend Disbelief?

  1. Jerrianne,
    I wish you had contacted me before repeating this false story. The AP checked out the Enquirer story with the prison officials and O.J.’s lawyers and they say it is absolutely untrue. I don’t know where you got the idea that he had confessed. I’ve heard no such thing.

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