Caution Needed In Propagating Claims

Longtime Associated Press reporter Linda Deutsch, who has covered trials of the famous and infamous for decades, posted the following on Facebook:

“I am distressed over the way the Internet swallows and regurgitates any scurrilous posting about O.J. Simpson when it is clearly not true. The AP checks out every one of these reports (mostly from the National Enquirer) and they are invariably bogus. The latest is a claim he has brain cancer and wants President Obama to release him. First of all, Obama has no such powers over a state prisoner. Secondly,the prison says he’s not ill. It reflects badly on all media when some feel they have the right to make up stories to harm someone.”

I am culpable in attributing these claims to Simpson, in addition to tabloids such as the National Enquirer. I need to be more responsible and less regurgitive. Thank you for the flag, Linda.

Here’s the link to a story in The Washington Post.

“Persistently bizarre rumors of OJ Simpson’s fatal brain cancer and subsequent plea for a presidential pardon are–surprise!–completely false …”

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