Balkan War Crimes Prosecutor Spokesman

I always want to give a shout out to Bruno Vekaric when I see him quoted in a news story. Bruno’s official position is Serbia’s deputy war crimes prosecutor. He is also the War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office spokesman and was one of four official war crimes and organized crime courts and prosecutors’ representatives who were designated to be official spokespersons for their organizations.

I met and was charged with their training as spokespersons and interaction with the news media. That was in 2003 and 2004 as a result of being a team member of a U.S. State Department-assisted creation of Belgrade Court’s Special Department for War Crimes and Organized Crime. My expertise was court and prosecutor’s office communication.

Although my work with Bruno and Court War Crimes Department spokeswoman Sonja Prostran and two others was many years ago, I maintain a Serbian court Google News Alert, which from time to time turns up stories like Serbian court jails nine for 1999 war crimes in

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