OJS Murders the New “Springtime for Hitler”?

Not quite. Or maybe, more than.

“OJ: The Musical” is supposedly a mockumentary of  about the making of a ridiculous musical based on the double-murder trial of O.J. Simpson, according to The Plain Dealer‘s Cleveland.com‘s review, Cleveland International Film Festival 2014: ‘OJ: The Musical’ fires up songs from Judge Ito et al.

After humorous reviews from other film festivals, the flick is set to open at the Athens International Film Festival. Athens, as in Athens, Ohio, not Athens, Greece, and Athens as in home of Ohio University, which is the alma mater of the film’s screenwriter and director, Jeff Rosenberg.

I think enough time has elapsed so even I might be amused. Even so, my great wish is that everyone who sees this “musical” would read what really happened at and behind the scenes of that 1995 trial in Anatomy of a TrialThat’s real eyeopener.

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