The Great Glove Stretch

This story is such a stretch between a nuclear waste leak in New Mexico earlier this year and the Simpson trial in Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago, it’s almost not worth noting. Leading with, “What do the OJ Simpson murder trial and a nuclear waste leak in southern New Mexico have in common? A single glove.” is the writer’s obvious ploy to make her story more news worthy or attention grabbing.

I decided to post the link on this blog, however, as a bonus to the reposting of the haiku I posted last month, which actually should have been posted today.

It is July 27, 20 years to the day from when I wrote my daily haiku as I and everyone else in the Simpson courtroom waited for the trial judge, Lance Ito, to take the bench. Here it is:

Lawyers face the bench.

All eyes are on the doorway.

Black robe rustling.

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