Out-of-Simpson-Court Churnings

No matters were heard in open court today or for the next few days, but issues churned furiously behind the scenes.

An Aug. 5, 1994, Los Angeles Times story ruminated on the acting California Secretary of State Tony Miller’s worry that O. J. Simpson’s trial might derail the state’s Nov. 8 election that included a “down-to-the-wire contest” between incumbent Gov. Pete Wilson and challenger Kathleen Brown.

“If he [Simpson] is on the stand on the eighth of November, we simply shout the process down,” the Times quotes Miller as saying. “I’m not even going to show up.”

Miller was commenting on “…an era of declining voter participation–and a populace transfixed by the Simpson trial unfolding on television–could this truly be the year when they hold an election and no one comes?” the Times story said.

My Aug. 8 haiku reveals what Miller decided to do about that. Hope you tune in in a few days to see what that was.

2 responses to “Out-of-Simpson-Court Churnings

  1. I had completely forgotten this. It is the perfect illustration of the hysteria that surrounded the trial.

  2. It was crazy time, wasn’t it.

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