A Fresh Face Then Is a ‘Press’ Has-Been Now

NBC Chooses Chuck Todd to Replace David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’

That was the headline on this New York Times column yesterday:


While there was some grousing in this column by Times media critic Bill Carter about the way NBC handled this changing of the “Meet the Press” host, a position David Gregory held for a six years, according to Carter.

David started his NBC career as a fresh, young face who was one of the “two Davids” who covered the Simpson trial for the peacock channel. He was not only a fresh face, he was refreshing, so far as I was concerned. No matter what, he always pleasant with me and often had a huge smile on his boyish face. The other David was David Bloom, who also seldom gave me grief. David Bloom, met the great misfortune of dying eight years later of a pulmonary embolism while on assignment in Iraq.

Best wishes to David Gregory, no matter where he lands, which, no doubt, will be on his feet.

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