Fleiss AND Simpson? Who Would Have Guessed

My People vs. Simpson haiku 20 years ago today:

Both Fleiss and Simpson.

A harmonic convergence?

Two trial dates set.

Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’s pandering and drug possession trial is set to begin the same date as the Simpson trial. One reason reportedly that made her case of such great public interest was that she supposedly had a little black book that contained the names of a number of high-profile politicians, celebrities and businessmen who would be highly embarrassed, to say the least, should the contents of the book be made public.

Despite the pressures and workload on Simpson trial judge Lance Ito, his quick wit was still intact when I told I had to run down to the Fleiss courtroom. The moment is captured on page 159 of Anatomy of a Trial, but here’s his quote:

“When you talk to Heidi,” Ito said as I headed for the door, “thank her for me for removing that certain page from her book.”

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