Three Motions, But Nobody’s Out

Twenty years ago yesterday — sorry folks, I must have been having too much fun to post this yesterday — I wrote the following haiku:

995 motion.

1538.5, too.

Sequestration bid.

O. J. Simpson’s defense team filed two motions; one to dismiss the charges and trial and one to have Simpson’s belongings returned to him or two suppress certain  evidence the prosecution might try to introduce at trial. The prosecution also submitted a motion. It was to sequester the jury.

We know that at least one of the defense motions was denied as evinced by the trial that ended more than a year after this motion was filed.

Although Simpson trial judge didn’t make a decision until months later, he did, in fact, sequester the jury, resulting in jurors living for more than nine-months in a hotel, pretty much cut off from everything that comprises normal daily life.

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