Savage Reporting Gets Savaged

Here’s my haiku of this day twenty years ago:

Test results aren’t in.

Whose blood is found on the socks?

Savage reporting.


KNBC television reporter Tracie Savage reports on DNA test results of blood found on Simpson’s socks before the testing is complete.

Here’s an updated CNN report on the situation:

Before the glove arguments, the defense tried to question a television reporter about a story she broadcast September 21, 1994, about one of the socks found at the foot of Simpson’s bed. She reported that DNA testing had disclosed Nicole Brown Simpson’s blood in its fibers. Since her report gave DNA results before the tests were conducted, the defense suggests the anonymous source of the leak knew what the results would be because the evidence had been planted.


Tracie Savage of KNBC-TV said she got the information from “knowledgeable sources close to the case” but refused to identify them further, saying she “gave my word as a journalist that I would not reveal their identities.”

She then invoked the California Shield Law, which protects reporters from being forced to disclose confidential sources.

Here’s the link to the entire story:

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