DN Got It Legit, So Who Stole It?

Questionnaire is sought.

Can the media have it?

Daily News can’t wait.


Judge Ito had agreed to give the press a copy of the juror questionnaire after all the prospective jurors had completed theirs and turned them in, but the Daily News of Los Angeles publishes a stolen copy a day early.

How did Ito know it was stolen? He followed the chain of custody and pinned down exactly when the total number came up one questionnaire short. The only way it could have disappeared was for someone to have deliberately taken it.

“Ito was vexed by the missing questionnaire, which the Daily News of Los Angeles published the day after it disappeared,” I wrote in Anatomy. “But he eventually decided against trying to hold the newspaper accountable, except for banning Daily News reporters from the courtroom during jury selection. ‘There are too many other things occupying my time now,’ he said after days of wrangling with Daily News editors and legal counsel, ‘otherwise I would love to fight.'”

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