Will Simpson Miniseries be ‘Nightmare Fuel’?

I’m not eager to promote the mini-series or the book, but both epitomize the mutation of the Simpson case and trial to fit the needs and agenda of the story teller. The mini-series has yet to air, so I can only imagine how it will morph, distort, sensationalize and mislead, particularly considering that the executive producer is Ryan Murphy who co-created the , co-creator of miniseries/nightmare fuel American Horror Story miniseries, which is described in this New York Observer story as “nightmare fuel.’ 

My primary problem with the book it purportedly based on makes an assertion based on hearsay, that is not true. I know, because I was present during the incident involving Larry King that’s related and the author wasn’t. I describe it on page 64 of my book, Anatomy of a Trial.


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