How Could Ito Possibly Say No?

“Tell Ohno, “No. No!

“I decline an interview.”

(He’s at your front gate.)


A writer named Kazumoto Ohno with a Japanese magazine persisted in asking Simpson judge Lance Ito, through me, for an interview. The answer was always no. Mr. Ohno seemed increasingly aghast and offended, saying that the judge should be honored that he (Ohno) would ask him.

Then one Monday morning when I saw the judge he said, “So there I was working in my garden when this Mr. Ohno shows up at the gate, wanting to do an interview and to take a picture of me.”

I gave Mr. Ohno credit for being enterprising enough to find out where Ito live, but not for much more. Although the judge did let him snap off a picture, he declined again to be interviewed and told the man not to come to his house again.

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