One Side’s Agenda Prevailed

Who will be chosen?

Each side wants perfect jury.

Who is targeting?


No question, the lawyers had their agendas so far as who, or rather what kind of person, they wanted on the jury. Most trial attorneys do. Counsel in the Simpson case were not only no exception, they were more obvious about it than most.

Interestingly, the defense had probably the best jury consultant in the business to assist its side. And, to their credit, they not only paid attention to her and followed her advice they utilized her expertise throughout the trial. That, I believe, contributed greatly to the jury verdict the defense attorneys — and, of course, Simpson — wanted. My opinion was, and still is, that if the prosecution had done the same with the jury consultant they hired, the jury make up and, consequently, the verdict might have been different. I covered that in Anatomy of a Trial.


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