Ito–“Hollywood Madame” Convergence (Not!)

Heidi Fleiss is on.

“When you see her, tell her thanks.”

(Black book’s Ito-less)


Judge Ito joked with me the day Heidi Fleiss’ trial began. At a meeting with him, I said I had to go to the courtroom of Fleiss trial judge, Judith Champagne. Ito, with his usual dry wit, asked me to thank Heidi for not putting his name in her little black book. The joke was that when Fleiss was arrested and charged with crimes related to allegations that she ran a prostitution operation (thus, her media moniker, Hollywood Madame), business moguls and power brokers all over Los Angeles panicked for fear her so-called little black book would be a trial exhibit and that the names — i.e. theirs — in it would be made public.

The names, it turned out, didn’t become public.

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