They All Want One Now

Interview requests.

All were harnessed, now renewed.

Thanks goes to Tritia.


Every news organization covering the Simpson case had asked — some more than once — for an interview with the trial judge, Lance Ito, all of which he denied, most with gusto. Until KCBS news personality Tritia Toyota asked.

How that came about and the repercussions are detailed on pages 25-28 of my book,Anatomy of a Trial,  which is now available in as an audio download at Amazon Audible Audio either free with a free month trial subscription to to Amazon Audible Audio or for $17.95 without the trial (

I also detail the wrath of the news media at Ito for doing the Toyota interview, never mind that officials at the KCBS TV station, where she worked, violated the conditions Ito set and that they had agreed. Los Angeles Times reporter Andrea Ford led the rant in a telephone call the evening she learned that the Toyota interview was to air a few days later. She and all the other news media that Ito agree to be interviewed by them immediately so they could beat KCBS.

Needless to say, Ito declined.


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