Nick Covered Simpson and Many Other Hi-Profile Trials

I have known Nick Ut for more than two decades, but learned much about him from this People magazine story that I didn’t know.

I had thought that U.S. aircraft dropped the napalm, not South Vietnamese planes, and I didn’t know Nicky’s role in going to the girl’s aid — to the point of not only getting her and other children who were running to escape the hell that had been dropped from the sky to an American hospital, then used his media credentials to “convince the hospital staff to admit the children.” He, no doubt, saved her life.

Nick Ut: Photographer Talks Kim Phuc 'Napalm Girl' Photo 42 Years Later

As I look at Nicky’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, and read this story, it struck me that the military troops walking along the road with them didn’t seem to be the slightest bit interested in the screaming, running, terrified children’s plight — not even the child without any clothes. It took a news photographer to step up to that humanitarian plate. Nick deserves all the recognition and accolades he gets, and more!

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