Double-Booking Lawyer Calls Judge a Liar

He’s due in two courts.

Cross-country fight for Neufeld.

Judges’ tug of war.


This was the day the murder trial in New York in which Peter J. Neufeld was defense council was to begin. Neufeld was there, but not without a bit of spleen-letting and courtroom drama. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

“Things turned nasty in [Harold] Rothwax’s courtroom on November 28 when Neufeld said he never promised Rothwax he would be available for a December 1 trial date. According to news accounts, Rothwax accused Neufeld of misrepresenting the facts. That prompted Neufeld to call Rothwax ‘shameful.’ Rothwax then ordered Neufeld out of the courtroom. Neufeld refused to leave. Rothwax charged that all Neufeld cared about was making his fame and fortune in the Simpson trial. Neufeld, in essence, then called Rothwax a liar. Rothwax retaliated by threatening to hold Neufeld in contempt and said if the lawyer wasn’t in his courtroom on December 1 ready to start trial, he would have him jailed. … The impasse finally cracked when Ito granted a defense request to delay the DNA hearing until January 5.”

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