‘TODAY’ Host and Aide Visit–Again

They are from TODAY,

Each cuter than the other.

Will Lance interview?


The visit from TODAY host Katie Couric and her editorial producer Lori Beecher on December 2 wasn’t their first.  Months earlier when a brief court merger put a municipal court public affairs staffer in charge of the Superior Court Public Information Office, that staffer arranged for Couric and Beecher to visit Judge Ito. So, even though Ito subsequently said no to media-interview requests, he OK’d seeing the “TODAY” duo when they showed up again in December on condition that their visit and that everything said was off the record. I was present during the visit and know that the sum total of the conversation consisted of small talk and Couric angling for a promise that if Ito ever did decide to grant media interviews, that she would be the first. Couric and all other members of the media are still waiting.

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