The Juice Eschews Mystery Meat

Meeting with counsel.

Defendant’s special treatment?

Lunch in the courtroom.


The following excerpt from my book explains this haiku:

“Defendants who are in custody during trial, as Simpson was, are customarily held in a small locked cell off the courtroom when proceedings are in recess during the court day. Simpson’s attorneys, however, made a case for him to remain in the courtroom when court wasn’t in session, particularly during the lunch break. They contend that they wanted to confer with him on issues on which they needed his input. Ordinarily, lawyers visit their in-custody clients in the locked cell for such things. The nearly dozen lawyers on Simpson’s defense team, however, made meeting in the close confines of a cell nearly impossible.
Lunch became the next issue. Lockup fare consisted of a sandwich of baloney, jokingly referred to as “mystery meat,” and perhaps cheese and an apple. Food Simpson’s lawyers brought in for him was a definite improvement over that. Before long, however, courtroom deputies reported that instead of working, Simpson was bantering and playing solitaire on a computer his defense team had installed on the counsel table. Ito promptly ended the privilege and ordered him held in lockup when court wasn’t in session have the same lunches as other in-custody defendants.”

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