Court TV Reporter Makes it Big

Another famous face from the O.J. Simpson trial was on TV tonight — totally unrelated to the trial of the 20th year anniversary of it.

Terry Moran, who was identified as living in Paris, reported from Paris on the unbelievably horrendous Charlie Hebdo massacre.

ABC News photo

Terry covered the ’95 Simpson trial, and several other high-profile cases while I was the Los Angeles Superior Court’s information officer, for the cable television network Court TV, now named truTV. In 1997, following the Simpson civil trial, in which the jury decided on a $33 million judgment against Simpson, Moran moved to ABC where he held a variety of positions, including anchoring the World News Tonight and Nightline before becoming the network’s chief foreign correspondent.

Way to go, Terry!

2 responses to “Court TV Reporter Makes it Big

  1. I used to watch court tv during the Simpson trial. I was wondering whatever happened to Kristen Jeanette Meyers. I remember when Ito booted her from the courtroom. Im not sure but they may have replaced her with Mary Jane Stevenson. I remember Mary Jane covered the civil trial but dont remember her at the criminal trial Maybe someone can remember if she was ever in the courthouse.

  2. Kristin Jeannette-Meyers went from a reporting position with Court TV to hosting her own show with that cable network. In 1996, she joined CBS where she co-anchored the CBS early morning newscast and in 1998 became a network legal correspondent. Talk was that Court TV’s CEO Steve Brill divvied among Court TV staff that worked with Jeannette-Meyers the money CBS paid to buy out her contract, calling it their combat pay. She pretty much disappeared from the TV scene not long after her stint with CBS.

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