Why Reveal Now and Not 20 Years Ago?

Here’s a news item that caught my eye:

O.J. Simpson documentary by Detroit area resident, former manager could air on ‘major’ TV network

… which containes this sentence:

“Norman Pardo, Simpson’s former manager, is a Clarkston [Michigan] resident who told MLive.com on Thursday he working on a deal with a TV network to hopefully air the documentary in October so the world can know the truth.”

My question is, if he had such compelling and definitive evidence, why didn’t he share it with the defense or prosecution teams (depending on which side would have benefited) for the trial? Seems to me that withholding such evidence, which he claims to have and apparently had way, way back then, should be a chargeable offense.

I guess the answer to why now is that he says the documentary would air in October — the grand finale of trial 20th-anniversaries. That would be a great hook for his project.

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