Diane was Celeb of the Day

Stars shine on the court.

All ask for private meetings.

Diane Sawyer’s here.


I got a little behind, thanks to a really busy Valentine’s Day weekend. I am catching up, though.

There’s not much mention in Anatomy of a Trial about Diane Sawyer’s courtroom visit. It did, however, take her more than one visit to get to see Judge Ito. He did agree to see visitors, but told me to bring them in just before he had to go back out on the bench. Sawyer’s visit must have been pretty brief. My notes for that day say, “The celebrity star du jour  was Diane Sawyer. She wanted to meet Ito, which I arranged. (The bad part was having to parade through the courtroom, which was filled with press and public.) Ito said what I’ve thought so often during this trial: ‘ It’s strange to meet people you’ve only seen on TV.’ She said she was surprised to see that he had legs. It was a short amicable meeting. She, of course, tried to convince him to agree to do an interview, which he, of course, declined.”

Ah, the good ol’ days in the fast lane.

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