The Fuhrman Saga Begins

Who can impeach him?

Kathleen Bell sent a letter.

Mark Fuhrman issue.


Former real estate saleswoman Kathleen Bell sent Simpson defense attorney Johnnie Cochran a letter about an encounter she had with L.A.P.D. homicide detective years before Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered in which Fuhrman made what she believed were racist remarks. Asked on the witness stand during the trial if he had ever used the derogative term for Americans of African descent, Fuhrman, who found significant evidence at the Simpson murder scene, said ‘no.’ Subsequently, a North Carolina resident provided recorded tapes of Fuhrman doing just that. He was subsequently charged with perjury, to which he pled no contest the following year. The revelation of, not only using pejorative language and making comments about his policing behavior concerning blacks, but lying about it cast doubt on his veracity as a trial witness and severely damaged the prosecution’s case.

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