Ferguson Shootings: Fox and Fuhrman Finger Obama

This might be ‘consider the source’ twice over. It’s from Mark Fuhrman via Fox TV:

Fox’s Mark Fuhrman Blames Obama Admin For Police Shootings In Ferguson

As I’ve written previously, it’s a slap in the face of African Americans for Fox to call on Fuhrman in any racially sensitive story. But Fox does this repeatedly. For those not familiar with Fuhrman’s past:

During the 1995 murder trial of O.J. Simpson, the defense produced a tape of Fuhrman, who collected evidence in the case, using the word n*****more than 40 times over a 10 year period. The person who made the tape said Fuhrman used the slur “in a very casual ordinary pattern of speech. It was nothing extraordinary. It was just conversation.” During the O.J. Simpson trial, a number of other witnesses testified that Fuhrman was a racist. Fuhrman, who testified during the trial that he had not used a racial slur in the past 10 years, pled no contest to perjury charges and was sentenced to three years of probation.”

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/fox_s_mark_fuhrman_blames_obama_admin_for_police_shootings_in_ferguson_031215#M6j7v2M0Fbm70RRF.99

Mark Fuhrman reminds me of the movie “Gremlins” except I don’t know if he was cute when he hatched.

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