When “The Tonight Show” Went Private

“Tonight Show” request.

Can jurors watch a taping?

Leno saves the day.


Jay Leno responded to Ito’s request to have jurors attend a taping of his Tonight Show by offering to present a special performance of the show w/o cameras for the jurors to ensure they aren’t accidentally shown on camera.

Leno might have had his flaws, but he was one of the really good guys in my book. Not only did he offer to put on a private show — complete w/several of his band members — for the jury when it became apparent they couldn’t be in the audience when his regular show was taped, I was put through directly to him — instead of having to talk to his ‘people’ — to discuss his offer, and he, personally — not one of his ‘people’ — called me back to confirm the arrangements. His only condition was he wanted no publicity about it. While so many — particularly celebs — were hell bent on being seen and capitalizing on the Simpson trial, Leno just wanted to do a good deed on the quiet. An example of his sense of security in himself, IMO.

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