An Exclusive Show

It’s for the jury.

A Star Center performance

Jay Leno was there.


Jay Leno invited the sequestered jurors to attend a performance of his “Tonight Show” in Burbank, but when he couldn’t guarantee that none of them would be in shots when cameras swept the the audience, he offered to stage a private performance, complete with the show’s band,  where ever the court chose. It turned out to be at the Sheriff Department’s training facility, called the Los Angeles County Star Center.

I attended show, It felt almost surreal to see Leno and his band leader Kevin Eubanks almost within arms’ reach and watching them put on the same type of performance that I had only, to that point, seen on TV.

Part of my participation in arranging for the performance was to contact Leno’s office to provide information about conditions Judge Ito required before he would allow the show to take place. Instead of talking to some staff member,to my surprise, I was asked to hold for ‘Jay.” Sure enough, Leno came on the line. We talked, not only that time, but later when he called back for clarification about some detail, which I can’t recall, and apparently didn’t note in either my written or my recorded journals.


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